Safer Highways

We all know friends and relatives who have been killed, hurt, or in an accident along our Highway corridors.  I personally had a friend who was tragically killed on Highway 2 in Monroe. We need more than a couple of signs that read, “00 days since last serious crash" on Highway 2.

Safety does not just mean increasing lanes, it also means adding crosswalks, wider shoulders, and pedestrian overpasses. I will work hard to make sure we get the needed safety improvements to our streets at the county level and to our highways at the state level.

Highway 522 is a nightmare due to complete incompetence.  the 4 lanes to 2 lanes back to 4 lanes that our families and commuters face on a daily basis is a complete embarrassment.  522 is a local problem we deal with daily and I will commit to fighting for the funding necessary from both the County and State level to finally complete it.

Better Communities

Without the safety of our communities, schools, businesses, and citizens nothing else even matters.  It is paramount that we protect the safety of the public.  I have a proven history of fighting for more police officers and police services in my community.  Having lost my home to fire as a teenager I understand the need for, and strongly support, our firefighters and paramedics.

Protecting our environment is not about keeping us from using these resources, but rather, making sure we use each in a responsible matter.  Many times extremists have turned environmental issues into a losing proposition for our businesses and citizens.  The key is balance and responsibility.

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